The Atomic Heart is the title of the new era. It uses the best of the RPG and action genres, giving a fresh perspective on games. Learn more about its storyline and characters on this Wiki page. Atomic Heart game by Mundfish has a thrilling and complicated plot along with memorable personalities.

Atomic Heart Wiki: plot and setting

The game takes place in the alternate Soviet Union of 1955. The central location is an abandoned scientific complex the government used for research and experiments. In 1930, a scientist Dmitry Sechenov discovered Polymer. This rare substance was supposed to drastically influence the course of history.

For the next 25 years, exploration of the material continued. The researchers successfully created a unified controlling system called Kollektiv 2.0. With its help, the whole nation could be linked to a single neural network.

The All-Union Polymerization of the population already began. But unexpectedly, something went wrong. The player assumes the role of a survivor who must travel through the abandoned facility. The main goal is to investigate the reasons for the disaster. However, the agent should also do his best not to die. You will encounter different types of aggressive robotic creatures and fight them with various weapons.

Atomic Heart Wiki: heroes

If you glance at the Atomic Heart game on Wikipedia, it doesn’t have a character section. In order to give you the details, we’ve collected this information here. The Atomic Heart Wiki fandom page may miss some important nuances covered in our description. So make sure you read it carefully to know everything about each personality!

Major Nechaev

Obviously, the main character on the Atomic Heart wiki is P-3. He is a special duty major and Sechenov’s secret agent. His major strength is handling critical situations cold-mindedly, yet sometimes violently. The agent has been in the service for the most part of his life.

And now he’s left with a sense of loneliness and multiple wounds. It refers to both physical and mental aspects. The only person that treats him with amiability is professor Sechenov. So P-3 pays him back with immense respect and infinite loyalty.

Other than that, he struggles with fractional memory loss. His past hasn’t been fully recovered in his mind, no matter how hard he tried. In addition, the agent suffers from PTSD which causes emotional instability.

Other characters

While the game hasn’t been released yet, we’re given little information about secondary heroes. However, we know some names. The Atomic Heart wiki covers Victor, the Twins, Newton, and other personalities involved. But if you want more details, we suggest that you wait for the title’s release.

Every location of the Atomic Heart game is a central element that builds the atmosphere. We’ve collected all the information available about each of the places from the title. Here is a comprehensible guide on the surroundings you’re going to deal with when playing. Pavlov complexSituated on the premises of Facility 3826, this is one of the principal research complexes. Established

The game's story is told through the eyes of the main protagonist. In the process, he encounters many other personalities. In the Atomic Heart game, characters are mostly revealed through engaging cut scenes. Each of them has their own unique features and secrets. And they can be discovered by interacting with the characters or using special items.When it comes to