The Atomic Heart game: age rating, production, trailers

The shooter was created with an emphasis on originality and creativity. It was important for the developers to be unique in their work. After all, this is what makes them stand out from other creators in the industry. The idea was to build a title combining different genres in one story-driven experience.

All trailers

The title has been in creation for quite a while. During that time, several promotional videos have been made. They all get you started with a taste of what it has to offer. Each footage shows off some of the combat mechanics, abilities, and character progression systems. There are also some glimpses of exploration and dialogue options.

Besides, the trailers give you a deeper look at how to customize your character. As well as which skills and abilities they’ll have access to in the process. You’ll also be able to choose their class/gender, each with unique perks and bonuses.

The first Atomic Heart game trailer was out way back in 2018.

In 2022, we witnessed more dynamic scenes from the game:

Soon after that, the creators continued to ignite our curiosity with an extended video. It was called Combat trailer.

As a final gift before the release, eight-minute-long footage was released on February 1, 2023.


The Atomic Heart game is Mundfish’s creation. This game development studio was founded in 2017 and is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Earlier, the team worked on another title, “Soviet Lunapark”. However, in 2018, they delisted it and decided to fully focus on the Atomic Heart.

The most exciting features of the Atomic Heart 2023

The studio includes about 30 creators, each with their own original views on gaming experiences. They come from various countries, such as Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, etc.

This international team prioritizes quality and has lots of ambitions. While developing the Atomic Heart, they demanded and maintained control over every minor aspect. That’s why a strong plot is combined with exciting gameplay and great cut scenes. The individual story of Agent P-3 intertwines with the unusual universe of the title.

Atomic Heart Game

The developers stick to the philosophy of being original and remaining unique. So they created a whole new world with its own distinctive creatures and environment. Also, Mundfish considers it important to have complete control over the game during its creation. They don’t want to hand it to corporations with ethics and goals different from theirs. So their investors (Tencent, Gem Capital) share the same values and approach to game production. The same applies to Nvidia, their hardware partner.

Age rating

The video game isn’t recommended for an underage audience. It contains a lot of blood, violence, injuries, and other scenes of the sort. Some of the dialogues include sexual innuendo. Besides, foul language is widely used here. Due to all these factors, the title is marked 18+.

Will there be a sequel?

Although the game isn’t out yet, Mundfish already confirmed they have plans for part 2. The narrative is built in such a way that it highly welcomes a sequel. The studio believes in its project which required considerable effort in the process of creation. Atomic Heart’s follow-up is officially confirmed. However, there are no certain dates.

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