If you are a fan of Atomic Heart’s music, then you are in the right place. We’ve collected the nicest tunes from the title.

The best thing about video game soundtracks is time traveling. They allow us to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere without playing the title itself. We can listen to them and relive the desired events in our memory. It happens after we spend hours on end playing and listening to the musical accompaniment. It formed a background to what was occurring in the gaming process and created associations.

Besides, Mundfish states that any Atomic Heart song is half of the whole vibe. So the developers were extremely particular about the sound aspect.

Apart from their own serious work, they also collaborated with Mick Gordon. This composer created music for DOOM and is a legend in the gaming industry. His sound solutions for the title combined techno and metal genres in an incredible manner.

For that reason, the Atomic Heart game soundtrack can also be called a masterpiece. The highly-advanced devices used during the recording provide the player with a supreme sound experience.

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