Here you can read numerous articles about the Atomic Heart game. We’ve accumulated information about various aspects of the title you may be interested in. The following materials contain facts and data about its characters, locations, and the intricacies of the plot. You’ll also find the details about the developing team and the process of creation. 

The title features a significant amount of monsters and weapons. More nuances are given in the article about the Atomic Heart game’s universe and creatures. There are also several types of killing tools available: sawblades, fireguns, and rifles which can be found during exploration activities. Learn how they work before you start off with your dangerous mission conducted by P-3.

The central story is told through text dialogues, descriptions, and cutscenes with thoroughly painted backgrounds. They combine post-apocalypse sceneries with 3D animation. You can explore various locations such as military bases, underground laboratories, or abandoned buildings. There are many valuable things inside them waiting for you to discover them. All that is properly described in our materials provided in this section.

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