Everything about the Atomic Heart game

Are you looking for something really fresh and exciting? Take a look at the truly outstanding Atomic heart game. Employing the best of the RPG and adventure genres, it offers a different perspective on games. It’s a bunch of thrilling experiences in the utopian dream world. All that spiced up with cruel battles, hours of exploration, and sci-fi environments.

Atomic Heart release date promises to present a blend of Soviet aesthetic and Fallout. It will also remind you of Bioshock and, probably, STALKER. The player is put in the shoes of a Union’s investigator from military service. What is your ultimate goal? You should find out the circumstances of the incident at the research hub. In the process, you will experience constant aggression from the surrounding mutant robotic creatures. They represent the outcome of long-term scientific and technological experiments that weren’t always successful. Will you be able to survive and reveal the truth?

Atomic Heart - Combat Trailer


The environment of the title is Facility 3826 which is a scientific complex. The Soviet Union uses this hub for research in an alternate 1955. In the 1930s, a dedicated scientist Sechenov creates the Polymer. This module is supposed to be a real breakthrough in the robotics and energy areas. It would free the majority of the population from manual work.

Also, the scientist made a device that he named “Thought”. With the help of the gadget, the said module could be integrated into the human body. It would allow distant neural interfacing with the robotic elements. Unfortunately, the project’s launch in June 1955 goes wrong. As a result, Facility 3826 gets plunged into chaos.

As for the characters, the central protagonist is a specially assigned Major Nechayev. Although mentally unstable, he was sent to keep an eye on the location. Also, he should prevent it from deteriorating. P-3 (his nickname) has a challenging task to combat robots that went out of control. Various collapsed biomechanical experiments are also his enemies in this terrifying place. On top of that, his own mental state makes things even worse and keeps corrupting.

atomic heart release date

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date and development

The title is a creation of a Cyprus-based international studio named Mundfish. Earlier, the team already worked on another VR-enabled game. However, at the end of 2018, they decided to cease its development and fully focus on the Atomic Heart. Its VR version is questionable, however, everything is possible.

Mundfish applied the most recent mechanics, so we expect great diversity from Atomic Heart. The original release date was planned for the end of 2022. That was according to the game trailer launched in February of that year.

However, in November, the developers changed their plans. The Atomic Heart’s initial release date was rescheduled for February 21, 2023. We expect it to have the latest graphics technologies in the gaming industry. In addition, that will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 which the studio utilizes.

With that said, the Atomic Heart game’s release date is a highly anticipated day. For all fans of alternative gaming realities based on historic events, it’ll be especially thrilling!

Why it is worth buying

The Atomic Heart’s latest announcement date was in February 2022. That’s when we got to know the final details concerning the title. Now it’s obvious we’re going to have a proper gaming product on the market. Let’s see why it’s so anticipated by adventure lovers from all over the world. The surroundings, specific features, and other nuances are all covered below.

The environment that combines history and fantasy

The Atomic Heart website contains a full account of the preceding events. The 1950s’ alternative reality we see in the game originates from the Second World War. At that time, there was a boost in robotics and progressive technology development.

At the same time, the gaming universe comprises the values that humanity is advocating nowadays. The domination of science, a happy society, ideally constructed cities with sun-drenched green recreation areas… All that mixed with an automated daily life and the urge to reach the stars. The population can have it in the near future.

But what’s the price to be paid for that? Could there be any disadvantages to this kind of social and political development? Maybe something similar has already happened? And what are the consequences? The title offers to explore the underside of the perfect world.

The exciting mix of history and utopia makes a great base for incredible gaming experiences. Whatever aspect of it you enjoy, it will come to your taste anyway.

Cruel fighting

You have no other options than to fight. A lot. So it’s better to focus on choosing the optimal tactics for each individual opponent. Utilize everything available at any given moment. It can be your glove that grants superpowers or heavy firearms appropriate for mass destruction.

Overall, the only way for you to win is to combine the following actions:

  • apply your attacking skills
  • do your best in terms of
  • defense
  • interact with the surroundings
  • watch the enemies

A huge variety of upgrades for all kinds of firearms/weapons is at your service. Tear to pieces every creature that approaches you and free your way to victory!

The ecosystem built on a sci-fi world

The global neural network called Kollektiv serves as a connecting tool for all robots. It links both underground and flying ones, turning them into a single interconnected system. Once they notice you, reinforcements instantly arrive from the neighboring Auto Factory. Obviously, they don’t come to make friends with you. So use numerous hacks and tricks to avoid raising the alarm.

Survive and improvise

Initially, people designed robots to help them. However, the machines rebelled against the scientists. Their undisclosed experiments served as a reason why the dreadful mutant monsters appeared. Giant cyborgs and bloodthirsty beasts will all become significant obstacles on the way to survival. Which is necessary to complete a secret operation. You should try as hard as possible and examine each of the opponents. That will allow you to stay alive and not fall prey to them.


Where to play

The most exciting features of the Atomic Heart 2023

The game will be available on the official website from the 21st of February, 2023. Besides, it can be bought on Steam. The process of preordering is already on, and you can select from various editions. There are Standard, Gold, and Premium options.

Playing the Atomic Heart on PC isn’t the only option! It is also available to launch on PS4, as well as Xbox One. Select the preferred console and enjoy the immense graphics added to the captivating action-packed experiences.

The most exciting features of the Atomic Heart 2023

  • There are not many titles out there that provide such a variety of weapons. The list includes a railgun, Kalashnikov, PM, shotgun, snowball, etc. Choose whether you want to execute a targeted attack or mass destruction;
  • The game developers offer an opportunity to join the Discord club. That will get you access to additional content and exclusive deals. Besides, you’ll be the first to discover all news and updates;
  • Although there’s no confirmed information on the Atomic Heart launch in VR yet, it’s probable. With such incredible visuals, the Virtual Reality mode is a must for the title. So we expect the developers to provide the option for all dedicated gamers.


Atomic Heart’s launch date is going to be a big day in the industry. It combines the best aspects of other titles in the category and avoids their weaknesses. Don’t miss it, if you’re a fan of thrilling virtual-reality adventures and utopian universes.